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Feelings against him. He finished tying a new dressing over the wound. There. This is a clean wound from a sharp weapon, Torch. It doesn't seem to be inflamed. You are very fortunate. Torch got down from the imobiliare table and sat on his stool. Aren't you going to bleed me? The army physiciansalways want to open a vein. Mizar shook his head. You have bled enough. There is noneed to draw more. He gathered up the stained cloths imobiliare bucuresti and dropped them in the brazier. The room brightened briefly as the cloth was consumed in quick yellow flames. In the imobiliare sudden flare, the cat's eyes blazed briefly and then disappeared in the dark again. At this point Marcus returned to the galley carrying a candle. She's changing clothes and cleaning up. I gave her a nightshirt to wear. He returned to washing his bowls and spoons, dumping the refuse and rinse water out the window into the river. Mizar looked over his shoulder at Marcus and stopped to consider. I am becoming concerned about the children. It's not like them to tarry. Marcus placed the clean pot of water on the brazier. Maybe I should go take a look, captain. Just to be sure, you know. Mizar imobiliare bucuresti nodded. As quick as his word, the cook hung up his http://dogtalkmusic.com/ apron, slid the big kitchen knife into a sheath at his belt, and started out the door. Marcus! warned Mizar. If anything is wrong, wait for me at the Foaming Flagon. I'll find you before dawn. Aye aye, captain, came Marcus's voice from the afterdeck. I'll not lead them back here to the lady. They listened as his footsteps crossed the dock and entered the ruined house. Mizar dumped the pitcher imobiliare bucuresti of water out the window and produced a wineskin in its place. He poured a measure of wine into Torch's tumbler, and offered some to Timothy, who declined. He sat down on a stool opposite Torch, with the table between them. Your friend is veryhandy with that knife of his, said Torch. Marcus has been watching my back all my life, replied Mizar. I knew he'd deal with the archer. I was a little surprised when you joined the party, though. All I needed was a distraction. You certainly provided it. He looked at the wizard, but no explanation was offered about the invisible bow. The wizard's thoughts were elsewhere. Mizar leaned back against the bulkhead, swirling his tumbler of wine thoughtfully. The attack on the manor, Torch. How were the brigands able to take the manor so completely by surprise? Wasthere no watchman? No wall? Were they that careless? I don't know about a watchman, replied the warrior, but the men of the manor were on their guard about something. Sir William kept the family solarium locked up tight. They were new locks, and ironshod doors. And yet, offered Timothy, the doors were standing wide that night, with the keys in the locks. There was a key in the bedchamber door, and another in the door at the foot of the staircase. In fact, I think I have one of them here. He reached into his scrip and produced a large iron key, which he passed to Torch. You told me to lock the upper door as we fled. I thought it best to bring away the key. Torch looked at the key in disgust. With a snarl of contempt he started to toss the key out imobiliare bucuresti the window into the river. Hold there! said Mizar, spilling some of his wine as he snatched the key from Torch's grasp. Let me